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A list of all the flora and fauna I have spotted, during my summer in the Essex Chain. As would be expected, birds and wildflowers dominate this list. There were many more spotted in the Adirondacks and many that were unidentifiable by me. Inevitably, as my knowledge is incomplete, my list is flawed. But, it is a pretty good representation of what one could expect to find in a summer here.

Mammals: 9 species.

Beavers, Red Squirrel, Black Bear, White-Tailed Deer, Mink, Chipmunk, White-footed Mouse, Coyote, Moose.

Amphibians: 3 species.

American Toad, Green Frog, Eastern Newt.

Reptiles: 3 species.

Painted Turtle, Snapping Turtle, Garter Snake.

Birds: 49 species.

White-throated Sparrow, Eastern Phoebe, Northern Raven, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, American Robin, Wood Thrush, Black-capped Chickadee, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Common Grackle, Cedar Waxwing, American Crow, Turkey Vulture, Great Blue Heron, Common Loon, Barred Owl, Bald Eagle, Downy Woodpecker, Northern Mockingbird, Northern Cardinal, Blue Jay, Sharp-shinned Hawk, Canada Goose, American Black Duck, Song Sparrow, Dark-eyed Junco, Belted Kingfisher, Red-tailed Hawk, Broad-winged Hawk, Red-winged Blackbird, European Starling, Roughed Grouse, Yelow-bellied Sapsucker, Hermit Thrush, Black-throated Green Warbler, Wild Turkey, Mourning Dove, Red-breasted Nuthatch, Brown Creeper, Winter Wren, Black and White Warbler, Hairy Woodpecker, Gray Catbird, Pine Warbler, Eastern Towhee, Pine Siskin, Scarlet Tanager, Common Merganzer, Eastern Wood Pewee, Mgnolia Warbler.

Trees: 18 species.

Yellow Birch, Grey Birch, River Birch, Paper Birch, White Ash, Sugar Maple, Red Maple, American Beech, Spotted Alder, Quaking Aspen, Big-tooth Aspen, Black Spruce, Balsam Fir, White Pine, Red Pine, Northern White Cedar, Tamarack, Eastern Hemlock.

Shrubs: 7 species.

Witch Hopple, Striped Maple, Mountain Maple, Maple-leafed Viburnun, Sheep Laurel, Low-bush Blueberry, American Mountain Ash.

Ferns: 3 species.

Sensitive Fern, Bracken Fern, Internmediate Wood Fern.

Mosses and Lichens: 4 species.

Shining Club Moss, Tree Clubmoss, Big Redstem Moss, Old Man’s Beard.

Flowers: 64 species.

Jack-in-the-pulpit, Red Trillium, Gaywings, Partridgeberry, Starflower, Indian Cucumber, Solomon’s Seal, Yellow Violet, Common Violet, Canada Mayflower, Wild Stawberry, Indian Strawberry, Bluets, Painted Trillium, Goldthread, Common Mullien, Bunchberry, Pink Lady-slipper, Common Cinquefoil, Blue-eyed Grass, Sundrops, King Devil, Yellow Rocket, Hellbore, Small-flowered Cranesbill, Common Daisy, White Clover, Pinesap, Wood Sorrel, Twin Flowers, Blue Flag Iris, Viper’s Bugloss, Yellow Wood Sorrel, Blue Vetch, Bird’s Foot Trefoil, Yellow Hop Clover, Common Milkweed, Rough- fruited Cinquefoil, Hedge Bindweed, Indian Pipe, Selfheal, Swamp Milkweed, Common St. Johnswort, Herb Robert, Dewdrop, Shinleaf Pyrola, Marsh Skullcap, Pickerlweed, Day Lily, Water Hemlock, Bull Thistle, Tall Buttercup, Queen Anne’s Lace, Sweet Goldenrod, Grass-leaved Goldenrod, Evening Primrose, Jewelweed, Tiger Lily, Steeplebush, Fall Phlox, Black-eyed Susan, Virgin’s Bower, Cardinal Flower, Bladder Campion.


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